New Home Construction

Benton, Maine

Halpern/White Home 2007/2008

Please remember, while looking at all the pretty pictures below, the important construction details of this home that are often overlooked by the building industry as a whole.  Things like the rain-screen that is behind all the siding you see here, or the bath fans that are so quiet you can't hear them running, vented with solid metal pipe, sealed at the wall penetrations as well as at the air barrier on the warm side of the insulation; or the 100% completely contiguous water-proof barrier under and around the entire foundation; or the 95% efficiency, sealed-combustion boiler; or the pipe that is installed sub-slab to remove water treatment waste water; or the stair stringers made of LVL material; or the fully insulated headers; etc  . . .

The list of construction details intrinsic to a DCC home is very long indeed.   Just want to make sure you're thinking of those very important details while you enjoy looking at the beautiful stone fireplace, hardwood floors, and nice kitchen cabinets.

This home is an ICF (insulated concrete form) home, with a super-insulated ceiling, radiant floor heating, and a heat recovery ventilation system.   It is a very comfortable, high quality, and durable home.

Is there anything more sustainable than durability?

Here are the interior pictures:

Design Concepts Company New Homes in Maine
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