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Benton, Maine

Established In 1988 By Greg and Laurie Roberts

After 26 years of building new custom homes here in Maine, we've decided to move on to a different business in Tennessee.  The building business in Maine was both challenging and rewarding, but there came a point where we felt it was time for us to make a change in our lives.  We will not forget the wonderful customers, employees, subcontractors, and suppliers that we worked with over the years.   Thank you to everyone - it was truly a great run!  We'd like to think that in the end, Design Concepts Company not only provided our customers with the very best homes we were capable of, but that our efforts to change the way homes are built in Maine were fruitful and lasting.

Below and in the following pages, you will be viewing the Design Concepts Company website as it was in 2014 when we were finishing up our last project.

We've been building custom homes here in Maine for nearly 27 years now!  My oh my how time flies.  It seems like just yesterday when I was sitting down with customers (as a much younger man) and explaining the advantages of building super-insulated homes with radiant floor heating.

I know that sounds pretty normal to you now, in 2014, but it sounded alien to most of my customers back then.

"12" thick walls?" - "Tubing in the floors?" - "What the heck is this guy selling anyway"?

Well, heating oil was 79 cents a gallon!  No wonder so many people walked out of my office scratching their heads.

Things have changed over the last 27 years.  Not just in the cost of fuel, but in the awareness that people have when it comes to building homes that use less energy, and the advantages of doing so.  The advantages go far beyond just cost savings.  The comfort, quality, and durability of building low-energy homes has proven obvious to all but a few these days.

Yet why does it seem that so many new homes today are not built to high enough standards?  I'm not sure I have ever known the answer to that question, and I continue to be baffled by how inept our industry seems to be at being able to deliver high quality homes.  I walk into new homes all the time and just shake my head at some of the things I see.   Nice new homes too, and expensive.   There's just no excuse for using fiberglass insulation in exterior walls without foam on the outside of the walls, or installing wood clapboard siding without a rain-screen, or not paying attention to air-tightening details before installing drywall, or building a basement foundation without water-proofing and insulation, or simply installing a bathroom fan with plastic flexible hose!

The list of ineptitude goes on and on, and I guess that's the main point I try to make to my customers when they first approach me to build a home.  That there is a big difference between builders out there when it comes to quality of work.   It's about the details really, and that's something that we have always prided ourselves on here at Design Concepts; the knowledge about new home construction that allows us to implement important details into any custom design so that in the end, our customers get the very best home for the money.

My wife and I are full-service general contractors, and we've been doing this as a husband and wife team for a very long time.  We know what we're doing now!  When a customer comes to us to have a home built, we deliver a very high level of service in every aspect of the project management.  We are attentive and available, we communicate well, we are resourceful, we are honest, we are hard-working, and above all else, we are competent.

You should hire us to build your new home!  We're here waiting for your email or phone call.

Greg Roberts

Design Concepts Company New Homes in Maine
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