New Home Construction

Benton, Maine

Here is a project we did quite a few years ago.  Lots of interesting design and construction details with this one.  I still remember being very comfortable working in a T-shirt, doing the inside finish work of this home during a cold December, and the only heat was from a couple of small electric baseboard heaters laying on the floor!

In just the beginning stages, clearing trees and brush.

Clearing the land of trees can be a shock, so be prepared!
Later, the home will fill the area nicely and it won't seem so

Bill Maier checking the soils and designing a septic system.

The excavation work begins.

The septic system leach field.

First day on the foundation, here the forms are built and in place.

Permimeter insulation keeps frost at bay.

Sub-slab plumbing.

Sand is leveled and compacted on the inside and the thickened haunch
is formed.

Cold water lines are buried in the sand under the insulation so the water stays cold.  We use only the finest, Wirsbo PEX tubing
for our water lines.

A complete vapor barrrier is installed with all protrusions and
seams taped and sealed.

A complete layer of 2" foam is installed and then steel wire mesh
and rebar for reinforcing the concrete.

Early morning concrete in the summer.

And the framing begins . . .

There will be a fireplace in the living room of block with
a cultured stone veneer.  It will sit atop the unique
cantelevered concrete hearth.

Cathedral ceiling of the second floor room.

The whole roof is covered with Ice and Water membrane.

30 year architectural roof shingles, Dual Brown.

Ventilation ductwork for the heat recovery ventilator.

Careful sealing of the air/vapor barrier.

All of the windows are installed with a waterproof membrane around
the outer flange.

And the insulation begins.  There will be almost
20,000 pounds of cellulose installed in the house.

Blueboard for plaster, drywall, interior wall insulation for
sound reduction between rooms.  Notice the round support
posts which will become a design detail later as the bookcases are
built around them.

Tricky ceiling.

All of our exterior trim is clear, finger-jointed pine with
factory applied primer.

Exterior trim for the soffits is done with boards spaced
apart and installed over screen to allow for venting the attic.
The stone veneer is just being started on the fireplace.

Here's the stone veneer outside.

Here's the stone veneer inside.

The concrete hearth has been ground down to expose the aggregate.
It will be stained and sealed.

The screened porch is being finished inside with natural cedar shingles.

All interior woodwork gets Watco Danish Oil.

Solid pine doors.

Cabinets just going in.

This house is so energy efficient that it stayed comfortably
warm right into December with just two electric heater units!

Laundry room with sink.

The finished kitchen with granite countertops.

Door from the Dining room to the screened porch.

Back of a bookcase with an interesting grain pattern in the wood.

In the back entry mudroom we installed a high shelf that
runs around the perimeter of the room for storage.

Custom coat shelf and rod.

The upstairs of the home was painted in Arts and Crafts Adobe color
with a white ceiling and soffit trim.

A detailed soffit trim runs around the perimeter of the room
and hides cove accent lighting.

Most of the windows in the upstairs room are set about a foot
higher than usual for views up to the sky.   But the windows on the back
side were set a foot lower than usual for views to the ground.

The radiant floor heating of the first level does a pretty good job
of keeping the upstairs warm, but there is a custom built-in heater in the
wall by the stairs.  Custom wood grilles let just enough heat
out from the elements in the wall to keep the upstairs toasty.

Master bedroom with access to the screened porch.

Looking into the master bathroom.

60" shower in the master bath.

Guest bath cabinets.

Bathroom window trimmed with birch hardwood.

Guest bedroom.

Powder room with a corner cabinet, marble tile top,
and matching marble tile mirror frame.

Here's the finished fireplace with the sealer on the concrete
hearth, hardwood trim around the windows, and recessed lights in the

The bookshelves are built with birch plywood and solid birch trim.

We made use of the hall walls as book storage.

Hallway behind the stairs looking into the master bedroom.

The bookshelves also serve as the railing wall for the
split staircase.

Solid birch staircase.